Friday, 8 June 2012

Faces of Art | Emilia Xanthopoulou

Emilia Xanthopoulou was born in 1983 in Thessaloniki. She studied at the School of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki (2003-2008) and extended her studies for a year at the School of Fine Arts in Madrid. Subsequently she undertook graduate studies at Central Saint Martins College of London (2009-2010) with Joanna Greenhill, where she was awarded the Mishcon De Reya Art Prize.. 

«I think when the simple painting really becomes Art, like any Art, fosters knowledge and creates conditions for new horizons. Observing the shape, color, form, light and shadow, I am constantly trying  to broaden my own horizons, and, within my skills, to actually produce Art. When I paint I try to fathom the essential, which is the utopian image of the artist on how the world should actually be. I am aware that there are those who would criticize me on this particular obsession. But I am interested to see and learn from my art, to communicate through it and rather be able to provide for the viewer of my works (on the latter I have no obsessions). Today knowledge of painting has been disgraced. Nowadays anyone can make art our of trash, roses, whatever else... But as someone claimed "so make sure you can use your magic wand to transform trash into the finest fillet, it is advisable to experiment on your own and not on the unsuspected customers of the restaurant." Finally, the confusion of values ​​that characterizes people in our times cannot affect the art itself; maybe the opposite happens, ie, the confusion of values that exist in art itself, cannot possibly affect the people of today».

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