Sunday, 31 July 2011

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A few words about this blog. This the blog of "Arts & Antiques" magazine which is printed and circulated bimonthly in the city of Thessaloniki; a review on arts and antiques market, as well as a step for artists, collectors and the relative ecosystem to discuss and communicate their concerns, quests, work, and to acquire a broader pesrspective on the aforementioned sectors in the northern part of Greece. On the other hand Arts&Antiques magazine informs the general public on our activities of Myrό Gallery and Antiques House, as well as other initiatives we take up. This blog is a kind of repository for all this material within the vastness of the web. Also, now that we have equipped it with an english version, a mean to communicate its content not only with greek speakers. "Curator" (layout and article editor and -in most cases- writer) for both this blog and the printed edition is Paris Kapralos. 

Our efforts in all our initiatives are quite young; thus we welcome any comment, suggestion or remark you may come up with while reading our articles or by observing our actions and business practices. Consider yourself encouraged to contact us directly at

 Find out about the Myrό Enterprises and initiatives HERE

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