Monday, 1 August 2011

"Avli" | A yard of good taste -in every extent

OUR presence in Kallithea, Chalkidiki for the opening of the summer branch of Antiques House led us -among other things- to the tastefull discovery of an ever popular restaurant specialized in creative Greek cuisine called “Avli” (which means yard in Greek). At the heart of Kallithea, one of  the most beautiful destination amidst the popular area of Kassandra, Chalkidiki in Northern Greece, Avli is not only an adored spot of the locals, but also an excellent choice for the tourists and visitors to taste greek food at its best.

Through traditional recipees and modern renovations of the local dishes, the young portoguese chef  Bruno Braga introduces an excellent menu which combines elements standard to the Mediterranean diet with Greek classic ingredients such as fish and red meat mixed and cooked with spices and herbs to deliver minute yer strong aromas, the result being so delicate that's almost impossible to abstain once you visit the restaurant once.

It would be a pity not to mention the comprehensive and extent wine list, sporting several greek etiquettes, and the cellar, which you should take our advice and pay a visit to.

In addition, the distinct interior of “Avli” will certainly grasp on you, imposing a relaxed yet dominant attitude and feeling. Earthly materials, such as natural clay  textures with the ever white shades found in Greek islands create an environment of sheer beauty. Your experience will be complimented by a visit to the premises where you'll find some of the rare and excellent antiques, impressive and significant both classic and contemporary Greek as well as European artworks within the branch of “Antiques House” next door to this marvelous place. A must visit if you find yourself in Kallithea!

                                                                                -Paris Kapralos

Though Avli is not a “reserved only” place, be advised to call them, especially on the weekends and for large companies.

Avli tavern
27, Megalou Alexandrou Str., Kallithea, Chalkidiki, 63077, Greece
For Reservations call: (0030)2374024224

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